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Adventures are defined by those who experience them, and also by the era in which they take place.

If the adventures on this page are not yet legend, we think they should be.


A maiden voyage to remember

Evert's berth on Portage Bay, 1930s

(Photo courtesy of Evert Sodergren)

Evert Sodergren and Curtis Gilbert built their first Flattie in Curtie's garage in the late 1930s.

With youthful enthusiasm, they set off to circumnavigate Whidbey Island.

Evert credits their Flattie with getting them through the experience.


Cruising in the South Sound

Pat Goodfellow and Gibbs Lincoln were no strangers to cruising.

But they never expected to cross paths with an escaped convict.

Sidney Island, B.C.

(Photo courtesy of Carrie Bowman)



Tug on the Strait of Georgia

(Photo courtesy of Carrie Bowman)

Pat Goodfellow and his friends had other interesting ways of travelling on the Sound.

You don't have to to through the locks to have a hair-raising adventure.