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The Flattie, or Geary 18, has been part of the Laurelhurst Sailing Fleet from the very beginning. This page is devoted to the recollections of Fleet members who built and sailed Flatties. You will also find out a little bit about Flatties.

Felix Moitoret Flattie drawing

(Drawing by Felix Moitoret, edited by Carrie Bowman)

According to Skahill (#138, p.48), the Flattie was "the culmination of Ted Geary's dedication to youth sail-training and water-safety programs."

A Hot Tub

The Flattie is an 18-foot jib-headed sloop with a centerboard. Production of the craft began in 1928 and within the first year, the Blanchard Boat Company in Seattle and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in British Columbia had each built ten boats (Thomas Skahill, WoodenBoat, #138, September/October 1997, p.48).


Building Flatties

Many of the early Flatties were built in garages by high school kids. Evert Sodergren built his first Flattie with Curtis Gilbert.

Undeterred, Evert and Curtis launched their boat and sailed it around Whidbey Island.

Evert, Felix Moitoret, Carl Sutter, Dick Martin, and Larry Shorette built boats in Evert's shop on University Way.

Evert Sodergren sailing his Flattie

(Photo courtesy of Evert Sodergren)

Betty Osborne sailing on her tummy

(Photo courtesy of Pat Osborne Wright)

$100 in 1938

Pat Goodfellow made a deal with his father to split the cost of a used Flattie.


Felix Moitoret (1923-2005)

Felix was a passionate Flattie racer and a gifted craftsman.

Felix noted that the Flattie class resisted the major changes that threatened the existence of some other classes.

All the same, Felix was an inspired innovator, offering countless suggestions for modifying Flatties.

Felix Moitoret

(Photo courtesy of Kathy Moitoret, Philip Johnson, and Carrie Bowman)

CLICK HERE to see a collection of Felix Moitoret's innovations, with his own drawings. Felix Moitoret's 'How-To' Articles

These wonderful articles include anecdotes, advice, and projects large and small. They are sprinkled with Felix's wry sense of humor.

1958 Flattie International Championships, Lake Washington

(Photo courtesy of the Morse Johnson Family)

Ken Kraft and Felix Moitoret were great competitors. Click to hear about two North Point races

Flattie flattery (and more)